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6 Reasons Why Being a Freelance Editor is Awesome

1. Flexibility of schedule—YOU get to decide when you work—as long as you make your deadlines! Morning bird? Get your work done early to start your day. Night owl? Get it done while everyone’s sleeping. Have an appointment or need to grocery shop? No problem, schedule your day around it!

2. Diverse and abundant work—There is SO much content to work with—written content is everywhere in any niche. You could work on websites, blog posts, articles, books, resumes, ebooks, social media posts, emails, online courses, etc. on any topic that interests you.

3. Working from anywhere—As long as you have some wifi, you’re golden (and hey, you could even download the content beforehand and work offline for a bit). Work from a coffee shop. Find a library. Want to travel? Go for it. Take a long trip, take a short trip. I love traveling as a digital nomad!

4. Freelancing platforms make finding work easier—Unless you start with an extensive network or prior experience, it could be challenging to find editing work right away. Luckily, freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr can help with that. They are a great way to build your portfolio, experience, and confidence.

5. Satisfaction of building your own business—It is so, so rewarding to work for yourself and build a business, which is an extension of you. It’s more challenging than any conventional 9-5 route, but you earn all of the success.

6. Reward of helping writers—You feel good at the end of the day knowing you helped a writer or two elevate their writing and present the best version of it to their audience. Using your skills to help others is fulfilling.

I could elaborate all these points, but we’ll start here. Let me know if there's any you would like to hear more about! Send me an email at or DM me @nicolemarroneditorial on IG!

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