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The Secret to A Successful Writing Session

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

You’ve sat down. Maybe you blocked out some time, or maybe you felt inspired to put pen to paper or fingers to the keys. It’s time to write. But you feel a twinge of doubt. You feel a block. You feel overwhelmed by the task in front of you. You have a minute to get past this hurdle and have a successful writing session, or instead you’ll get up for a cup of tea and promise yourself you’ll write later. The secret? Creative visualization.

What is creative visualization?

Creative visualization is, you guessed it, a visualizing exercise. In your mind’s eye you picture whatever it is that you desire or want to manifest. It could be a trip, a significant other, a successful business, whatever. The trick is to picture yourself already having this thing or experience, not the “how” it happens. The creativity comes in when you picture this in as much detail as you can–down to the conversations, colors, smells, etc.

The point is not for you to become attached to your vision and expect the outcome to look exactly as you imagined, but to connect with the feelings you have when picturing it. When you visualize yourself having whatever you desire, tap into the feelings of gratitude, joy, excitement, and happiness. When you end your visualization, keep these feelings with you, especially gratitude. Hold on to this gratitude, and what you want will be yours.

Creative visualization can be used for large, weighty things you want to manifest, but people often miss the opportunity to use it for smaller, everyday activities. Like writing!

How do I use creative visualization in my writing session?

Let’s go back to to the start of our writing session. Before giving in to your overwhelm and giving up before you start, you take a deep breath and close your eyes. You picture yourself already having written what you’re sitting down to write–be it a chapter, poem, personal essay. You’re so happy because it turned out to be a great piece of writing. You’re grateful to yourself for sticking with your writing plans because now you get to share this super awesome writing piece (after being edited by me, of course 😉) Maybe even while picturing this outcome, you smile, do a little happy dance in your chair, or pump your fists in the air.

You’re done visualizing, so you open your eyes, take a breath, and start writing. You still feel uncertain and a bit blocked, but you keep pushing through. You’re already grateful for your super awesome writing piece and just need to see it through. Before you realize it, you’re in a flow state and the words are flowing through you and onto the paper. Then it’s done!

Creative visualization is a useful tool that uses the power of your mind to achieve the outcomes you desire. It’s so powerful how believing in your ability to create the life you want, well, allows you to create the life you want. I learned this trick from the author and speaker Mike Dooley, so check him out at for more ideas about visualizing, manifesting, and the nature of the Universe.

What do you think? Is this something you’d like to try? Have you tried it? Are you also a Mike Dooley fan? Let’s talk about it! Email me at or message me on Instagram at @nicolemarronediting.

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